Switchmode Voltage Stabiliser 12VDC


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“The SVS is a cost-effective solution for many applications where complete DC-DC isolation is simply not required”

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Input Voltage11 – 17V (will dip to 8V)
Output Voltage12.5VDC ±1%
Current Rating5.0 Amps max.
Standby CurrentIdle current 70mA @ 13V input
Conversion Efficiency @ 25°CUp to 93% (13Vin @ 5A load)
Load Regulation0.1% up to full load @ 13V input
Line Regulation1.5% of rated output @ 11V – 17V input
Output Ripple10mV rms (nominal) @ 13V input, 5A load


TerminationPurpose M3 screw terminal with combination head
ConstructionABS/PC alloy and 6063-T5 anodised aluminium
EnvironmentalConformally coated PCBA (tropicalisation)
Operating Temp-20°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity<95% (non condensing)
Dimensions (overall)101mmL x 62mmW x 34mmH
Weight (nominal)160 Grams


Input Under VoltageShutdown with auto reset and fault indication
High TemperatureShutdown with auto reset and fault indication
Overload/Short CircuitShutdown with auto reset and fault indication
Transient VoltageFiltering via purpose designed circuitry

The new interVOLT SVS (Switchmode Voltage Stabiliser) is so much more than a mere voltage regulators.

The use of mobile devices such as data terminals, code scanners, monitoring equipment and wireless routers in vehicle applications are increasing in popularity. The more ancillary equipment added to the electrical system, the more likely voltage related issues will occur. Issues such as voltage dips, spikes and transients can wreak havoc with sensitive electronic equipment.

When there are fluctuations in voltage some electronic devices may simply shut down, go offline or reboot, usually at an inconvenient time and often resulting in issues such as data loss or corruption. In a worst case scenario, these devices may actually be damaged, not always catastrophically but even long term exposure to these voltage issues can render damage and/or seriously reduce the expected life of the device.

interVOLT produces several solutions for protection onboard devices, including our renown SPCi Power Conditioner range. We have now released a new product, the SVS Voltage Stabiliser range, effectively a DC-DC power conditioner without galvanic isolation. The SVS utilises a common negative design, actively controlling the high side only, thereby eliminating the need for galvanic topology. The SVS is a cost-effective solution for many applications where complete DC-DC isolation is simply not required.