H-Series Magnetic Circuit Breaker 2-Pole 10 Amps


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The H-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker provides dependable circuit protection in a low cost and compact package.

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Rating10 Amps
Voltage250VAC 50/60Hz 80 VDC
Auxiliary Switch Rating1.0A-65VDC/0.5A-80VDC, 0.1A-125VAC (with gold contacts)


Number of Poles2
Actuator StyleHandle
TerminalScrew M4 (bus type)
MountingISO M3 x 5mm
Operating Temp-40°C to +80°C
Dimensions (overall)50.70mmL x 16.5mmW x 42.0mmH
Weight (nominal)96 grams


Standard ColoursRed Actuator / Black Housing
Legend PlateOn-Off Vertical

The H-Series is the latest development in the Hy-Mag product range from Carling Technologies and is a more compact version of the popular A-Series. Ideal for switchboard panels where space is at a premium, the H-Series provides dependable circuit protection in a low cost, yet high specification package, for a variety of applications. The H-Series is the ideal choice for international market applications. The standard range includes both single and double pole versions, with red handle actuators, screw terminals and rear panel mount fitment.