interVOLT is a wholly owned brand of Amelec Australia Pty Ltd and trademarked in many countries around the world.

interVOLT products consist of a superb range of high power, switch-mode, DC-DC power conditioners and voltage converters for a variety of on-board applications.

Our power conditioners are used to stabilise or ‘condition’ 12V or 24VDC power by providing a smooth, clean, filtered output from any erratic supply. They are galvanically isolated, meaning there is no common connectivity between the input and the output.

interVOLT products can be used for a multitude of on-board electrical and electronic equipment including radios, echo sounders, GPS, radars, power outlets, lighting, pumps, refrigerators and much more.

For comprehensive information on the interVOLT range visit our dedicated website at www.intervolt.com


Carling Technologies are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of magnetic circuit breakers and electrical switch devices. They can be found in every application where circuit protection and control are required including the marine and automotive industry.

Carling have set an industry standard for marine control panels and are used by boat and ship builders, engineers, electricians, designers and installers around the world. They have recently introduced a unique concept in marine control panels with the launch of the ECS III digital switching system.

The transport industry is a primary focus for Carling and they offer an extensive range of quality switch products for this market. Original Equipment Manufacturers world-wide select Carling products for their reliability, durability and performance.

Amelec have represented Carling products in Australia for several years and have become the premier marine distributor in the region. In 2005 Amelec has become the official automotive representative for Carling Technologies. There is a broad range of products available incorporating thousands of variations. Amelec maintain a comprehensive inventory of Carling products and have recently produced two specific stock catalogues for the Australian marine market to cover both circuit breakers and switches. 


For more than 45 years, Electromecánica Cormar S.A. has been dedicated to the development and production of world class battery master switches.

Established in Granollers, Spain in 1968, Electromecánica Cormar is now located in Llinars del Valles, a major industrial area in the busy economic hub of Barcelona. They not only service the local market but deliver an extensive range of product to OEM and aftermarket customers across the globe.

Electromecánica Cormar products are used in a myriad of transport and equipment applications on land and sea, from stationary engines to massive haul trucks, small runabouts to the largest yachts. If there is a need for a battery switch then there is a product from Electromecánica Cormar for the job.

Amelec Australia are proud to be partnered with a manufacturer of such reputable standing as Electromecánica Cormar and distribute their range of quality products throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Power First produce one of the finest range of marine battery charging systems in the world. Over 50,000 units have been sold worldwide since the first model was introduced in 1997. Power First continue their program of innovation with the recently released Dolphin II Series of four stage battery chargers.

Extensive use of switch-mode technology has resulted in a line of powerful, light-weight, high performance and efficient battery chargers for every on-board application.

There are many innovative features built into the new Dolphin II range. The four stage charging curve (bulk, absorption, float and power supply) provides optimal performance and ensures proper care and charging of both wet and gel cell batteries. In the larger chargers the ability to charge up to 3 banks of batteries simultaneously is a great advantage (the small range can charge 2 banks). The larger versions also have automatic input voltage/frequency selection for 110/230VAC whilst the smaller units have a manual input voltage selector. An industry first in the larger Dolphin II units is the user selectable charging regime with no less than 9 programmable outputs for a variety of battery types. There is virtually no battery produced that cannot be charged effectively and efficiently by the new Dolphin II range.


Wema is renown world-wide for their unique and innovative tank level sensing devices. They also produce a comprehensive range of marine instrumentation and a variety of components for general monitoring and control.

Catering for both OEM and aftermarket customers, Wema have a range of solutions available for tank level sensing including fuel, oil, water and waste water senders. These senders are compatible with most industry standard gauges including both European and American resistance values.

We also provide a customising and R&D service for OEM customers and have resolved many issues associated with conventional products by utilising Wema’s unique solutions.

Amelec are now the primary marine distributor and official automotive distributor for Wema products in Australia. We stock an extensive range of off-the-shelf items for immediate delivery.


Trombetta is a leading worldwide manufacturer of DC power switching and power management products for mobile applications. Trombetta, founded in 1932 has manufacturing operations in Milwaukee WI, Malden MA, Tijuana MX and Wuxi, China. Trombetta’s products include DC Contactors, Industrial Work Solenoids, Voltage Regulators and various Electronic Controls.

Focused on meeting their customers’ design requirements, Trombetta strives to develop innovative solutions that reduce costs while increasing performance. Trombetta’s rugged designs are focused on meeting the demands of mobile equipment including extreme operating temperatures, humidity, exposure to splash and spray of contaminants as well as shock and vibration.

Trombetta products have become the industry standard for Powersports, Lawn and Garden Equipment, Agriculture and Construction, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, RV, and Mobile Hydraulic applications. Trombetta’s facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement of products, processes, and responsiveness to the needs of customers.